Print Management: where to print cheapest?

by Markaltis



A client entrusts us with the printing and routing of its documents in order to reduce its advertising costs.


The client had been working with suppliers in France for years and wondered whether it could optimise its production costs by using foreign service providers in countries where labour was cheaper. He entrusted us with the feasibility study and the search for partners abroad and the price study.


To carry out the study, we interviewed foreign suppliers in countries with lower production costs.

We then carried out a global study with providers in Spain, the Czech Republic and India.

Our study focused on :

  • Mailing quotations, i.e. direct printing, personalisation and enveloping costs and indirect transport and postage costs
  • The working methods of the partners and the ability to work well together (language, time difference, etc.)
  • Their technical feasibility in personalisation and mailing
  • The environmental impact of the different providers

As a follow-up to these exchanges, we have prepared analyses on these different points and made our recommendations to our client.


It turned out that the countries with the cheapest labour were not the best partners for our client: longer schedules, additional postage and transport costs, communication difficulties, etc.

We recommended a partner in Spain that improved our client's advertising costs, respected the quality of the work required, and had the best environmental footprint.

Finally, they have a dedicated team for the French market, which improves exchanges during the follow-up of works.