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Customer acquisition, essential for your development

Because it is one of the main levers of your company's economic development, customer acquisition represents a vital issue for the sustainability of your business. In addition to loyalty, the success of your development depends on the implementation of effective acquisition campaigns that will enable you to obtain qualified leads for your sales representatives or to increase your sales.

Whether you sell products or services, BtoB or BtoC, on the web or in physical sales outlets, Markaltis helps you develop your customer portfolio and conquer new markets. In order to develop effective strategies for winning new customers, we rely on our mastery of the marketing levers that allow you to recruit new customers online and offline.

Our solutions in acquisition strategy and prospecting

Digital acquisition

To generate traffic on your website, Markaltis' marketing experts can implement all the tools necessary for online customer acquisition, such as

  • Natural referencing (SEO) to increase the visibility of your web pages and increase your ROI in the medium and long term;
  • Inbound marketing, which will attract your prospects to your site or blog instead of seeking them out via traditional marketing levers whose acquisition cost is often higher; 
  • Paid search (SEA) which will increase the visibility of your site and quickly increase your sales; 
  • Emailing, or the sending of email marketing campaigns, is a successful method if it is well targeted; 
  • Social networks to reach new audiences and increase brand awareness; 
  • Influential networks (affiliation) to gain new customers or leads.



Offline prospecting

Markaltis also deploys more traditional customer prospecting techniques. Among the prospecting actions we can carry out to increase your commercial results:

- Search for qualified files and enrich them:

1. Renting files by identifying prospects similar to your customers
2. Identification of decision-maker contacts

- Determine the right prospecting media:

1. Mailing paper catalog or magazine
2. Commercial brochures
3. Flyers for mailbox or street distribution

Our credo: send the right material, to the right person and trigger sales.


Markaltis supports you in your multi-channel acquisition strategy

Today, the customer journey is omnichannel. This is why it is important to implement a multi-channel acquisition strategy. It consists in using different contact channels to communicate your offer to your target.

By diversifying your channels, you adapt to your customers' behaviour. You increase the visibility of your offers to your targets and multiply your chances of selling.

At Markaltis, our experts analyse your request in depth and implement an effective multi-channel acquisition strategy that meets your qualitative and quantitative objectives.

To do this, we proceed in stages:

Acquisition strategy support

Market analysis

Carrying out a market study to understand your issues, opportunities and competitive environment.

Definition of key elements

We define your potential targets, their buying behaviour and their needs.


We then develop a multi-channel acquisition strategy tailored to your customers. We advise you on the offline and online channels to use to communicate with your targets according to their habits and behaviour.


At Markaltis, we are committed to supporting you throughout your project. This is why we can take charge of the operational actions related to your multi-channel acquisition strategy.


The last step consists of monitoring this strategy using KPI's to take stock of the actions implemented. After analysing the results, we make recommendations, and adjustments if necessary, to optimise the results.

Do you want to set up a multi-channel acquisition strategy? Markaltis can help you define, set up and manage your online and offline acquisition strategy.


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