Technical audit

Optimise and personalise your print communication

Technical audit: what is at stake?

The implementation of a print management strategy begins with a technical audit. This first step is crucial to optimising your current practices: it is a stocktaking exercise that highlights areas for improvement.

Entrusting your technical audit to Markaltis means being accompanied in choosing the right manufacturer, the right technical process, the right machines and also the right printing characteristics. For your company, our analysis and recommendations have several advantages. In particular, they allow you to :

  • choose the most suitable printing processes for your projects (digital, offset, etc.)
  • identify and take into account technical and regulatory developments (innovative processes, legislation, etc.)
  • Select competent and competitive service providers (machinery, pricing, deadlines, etc.)
  • optimise formats and materials (amalgam, degressive, etc.)
  • Establish a long-term printing strategy, especially if you do recurrent printing (monthly postal mailing, etc.)


Markaltis supports you in your projects

Technical and competitive intelligence

Based on its knowledge of the printing market and its developments (new printing technologies, etc.), Markaltis helps you choose a service provider and a technical solution for your printed documents

Digital, offset: after analysing your specifications, we help you choose the printing process best suited to your project. This recommendation is particularly useful for identifying printers qualified to meet your needs and launching a call for tenders with our network of partners. We recommend the right service provider for your project, based on their machinery, competitiveness and the quality of their printing work. 

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Technical optimisation

The technical characteristics of your printed materials are important, both from the point of view of costs and the quality expected or the way they are rendered. Print format, type and weight of paper, finishing (folding, binding, cutting, etc.): each choice has an impact on costs and on the perception of your printed material by your audience. 

This is why optimising production is essential. To reduce your expenses and meet your communication objectives, Markaltis provides you with a recommendation on the characteristics of the media to be printed. 

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Cost optimisation

Manufacturing costs, storage costs, shipping costs, personalisation costs or routing costs: several parameters influence your printing expenses. Based on a technical audit of your current print management and our expertise, we recommend best practices to optimise your printing costs.

Optimising paper type and size, amalgam printing, changing a format to reduce postage costs: in the long term, some changes can have a significant impact on your costs and your organisation. 

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Why choose Markaltis?

By carrying out a technical audit and optimising your printing with Markaltis, you benefit from our expertise in the printing market and its best practices. Reactive and attentive, our print management experts ensure a personalised follow-up of your project.

Each year, we manage the sending of 13 million mailings for our clients and help them to reduce their costs but also to make their processes more fluid. Our recommendations are based on a large panel of qualified suppliers in France and Europe. The strength of this network enables us to identify reliable and competitive suppliers for each printing project.


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