Increase the value of your customers and prospects

Maximise the ROI of your campaigns with Data Marketing

With the digitalisation of their business, companies have a lot of information about their prospects and customers. Each piece of data in a database must be studied in order to make the right offer to the right customer, via the right channel and at the right frequency . To achieve this result, data marketing is the way to go.

Whether it is to write to a customer base, to call them or to propose an offer following an incoming call, data marketing can greatly improve the performance of your operations!

The benefits of data marketing

ROI improvement

Better customer orientation

Increase in the number of customers and lead conversion

Our data and marketing agency supports you


Scoring is a powerful tool that uses a scoring system to predict whether your customer is likely to buy your product, be retained or be retained. However, its implementation and operation require specialised expertise in databases.

Markaltis helps you build your scoring model according to your needs (RFM (Recency, Frequency, Amount), appetence...). Thanks to the personalized model that our experts will have built for you, you will be able to estimate for each individual concerned the precise level of re-purchase, attrition, and subscription renewal rates. You can act accordingly and broadcast relevant and personalised messages according to the score obtained.

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Segmenting your customer database means dividing your customers into homogeneous groups with similar needs and behaviour. This will allow you to adapt your marketing and communication strategy to achieve better results.

At Markaltis, our data marketing help you determine the criteria and segments to establish to better serve the development of your company. We help you implement the segmentation model adapted to your customer portfolio and to your company's development challenges. We help you analyse and interpret your customer segmentation to develop a targeting marketing strategy.


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Attrition and Reactivation

Rnvite an inactive customer would cost 5 times less than acquiring a new one. This is why it is essential for a company to put in place a marketing strategy to win back customers.

At Markaltis, our experts help you analyse your customers' behaviour and implement an effective strategy to retain them, build loyalty, and if necessary, reactivate them. We help you build your attrition rate model and implement a marketing plan to improve your sales, your customer relations and reduce your acquisition costs.

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Entrust your data marketing strategy to an expert agency

The field of Data Marketing is based on the processing and exploitation of masses of data to better understand its customers, predict their behaviour and adapt its strategy. At Markaltis, we work on all aspects of data marketing:

Markaltis, marketing consulting agency

Data Structuring

We take care of the prospection and the constitution of your databases.

Data Qualification

Thanks to years of expertise, we take care of this part of data marketing based on prospecting, reactivation and loyalty.

Data analysis

We perform targeted historical customer data analysis, exploratory data analysis, and value and customer journey analysis.

Data Modelling

This part consists of setting up an outbound call or bounce sales campaign to refine a target, products to be sold, prices, commercial pressure, while maximising the probability of a repeat purchase.

Data retrieval

In order to follow up the previous actions deployed, we set up and automate complex reporting and customised business tools.


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