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Customer loyalty, a strategic asset

Retaining an existing customer costs seven times less than recruiting a new one: a popular adage in marketing, which illustrates the importance of nurturing your existing portfolio.

Customer loyalty is a very important marketing issue and the implementation of a loyalty strategy has many benefits at all levels of a company.

Customer loyalty is characterised by repeat purchases from a company or brand. This reflects a preference, whether conscious or not, of the buyer for a product or service over competing offers and reflects his or her attachment to the company or brand that offers it.

Building customer loyalty means creating attachment and preference by creating a lasting relationship with them. In a context where consumers are increasingly demanding and volatile, this relational aspect is essential to meet current expectations and to stand out in your market.

Today, customer loyalty no longer means loyalty programmes: the implementation of an effective loyalty strategy that brings positive results for your company is illustrated by multiple loyalty schemes and actions.

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The benefits of a loyalty strategy

Many companies aim at acquiring new customers, sometimes at the expense of their current portfolio... which could generate a better return on investment and represent a more sustainable strategy!

By choosing to focus on customer retention, you are investing in a sustainable strategy that offers several advantages:

Loyalty marketing strategy

Increase your ROI and invest sustainably

Invest sustainably by implementing a winning strategy over the long term. By building loyalty among your customers who already know your brand and products, you reduce the cost of your campaigns and increase your return on investment.

Increase awareness and engagement

Gathering feedback from your customers and communicating with them on a regular basis allows you to improve your products and services. You value your customers and strengthen the emotional bond with them. This is how they become true ambassadors of your brand and relay a positive image of it to their friends and family!

Strengthen the emotional bond with your brand

Loyalty actions not only maintain the link with your customers, but also increase your brand awareness. Encourage engagement through positive word-of-mouth, which develops awareness of your products or services.

Our solutions for building customer loyalty

To meet your objectives, Markaltis helps you implement a loyalty strategy that is consistent with your company, your values, your offers and your customers' expectations, with the objective of creating value from the customer relationship. Beyond loyalty cards, the actions proposed by our agency include many loyalty marketing techniques, whose results are measurable:

Measuring customer satisfaction throughsurveys or questionnaires, and providing information to improve processes

Maintenance of the customer file, its segmentation according to purchasing behavior, identification of high potential customers, development of specific communications targeted by customer segments

The implementation of loyalty tools such as loyalty programs, personalized promotional operations, sponsorship programs

The deployment of marketing campaigns (mailing, e-mail, SMS ...) planned at the right time to keep the link with your customers and encourage re-purchase according to their preferences

Theanimation of your social networks by creating engaging content for your community, creating contests, recruiting brand ambassadors...

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Why entrust your customer loyalty strategy to Markaltis?

In an environment where consumers are constantly being solicited by multiple companies, it is essential to do everything possible to keep them engaged.

To take advantage of a truly winning loyalty strategy, Markaltis supports you on a strategic and operational level.

Our agency's expertise is based both on our strategic marketing skills and on our knowledge of customer habits, expectations and purchasing behavior. Entrusting us with the development of your loyalty strategy means benefiting from the strategic viewpoint of marketing experts to implement loyalty actions:

  • Consistent with the uses and expectations of your customers;

  • Creating value for your brand image;

  • Differentiating from your competitors;

  • Share profitability oriented;

  • Durable and adjustable according to the results.

In addition to our skills, we also offer a dedicated approach to your loyalty strategy. Every collaboration begins with a careful analysis of your offer, your objectives, your current portfolio, etc. Based on these elements, our marketing experts can develop the most appropriate loyalty strategy for your market and your customers' behaviors. They also define which KPIs are used to measure the results of your loyalty campaigns and adjust your strategy according to the most profitable actions.

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