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Marketing strategies: what is at stake?

Whether you sell services or products, BtoB or BtoC, on the web, in person or through multiple channels: strategic marketing is essential to meet the development challenges of your company.

How can you establish a marketing strategy that is in line with your market, your customers and prospects, and your brand values? An accurate analysis of your market and your company's strengths and weaknesses is essential. This delicate exercise, generally entrusted to an external specialist, offers you a strategic vision of your company's current situation. An asset for developing your competitive advantages and a differentiating marketing strategy!

In omnichannel marketing, a multitude of actions can be taken. By carefully selecting and planning these levers, strategic and operational marketing can meet your company's objectives - whether these are business, communication or customer-related.

Our strategic and operational marketing solutions

Marketing diagnosis

Our experts analyse the elements that need to be taken into account in the development of a relevant marketing strategy: current state of the target market, positioning of the competition, products and services concerned, target audience, pricing strategy, means of communication, distribution channels, etc.

This audit of the existing situation is essential for taking stock of a situation, launching a new product or drawing up an operational marketing plan.

To refine your marketing strategy, we also recommendanalysing the results of your N-1 marketing actions. Our experts will draw up a rich report to determine the methods to be reproduced, the corrective actions to be carried out or the areas that should be abandoned.


Marketing Strategy

Once the audit is completed, our experts analyse the expectations of your stakeholders and the opportunities in your environment. To help you create an attractive offer for your audience, Markaltis exploits these opportunities by capitalising on your company's strengths, correcting weaknesses and minimising threats. 

From the structuring elements of this analysis, our experts define the strategic elements that will be the main lines of your operational marketing plan:

- Targeting and segmentation
- Positioning
- Marketing mix (Product, Price, Distribution, Communication)

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Operational Marketing Plan

The operational marketing plan follows on from the strategic aspect: it sets the objectives and determines the actions to be taken to achieve them. These can be business objectives (e.g. increase your turnover), communication objectives (e.g. increase your notoriety), objectives related to your customers (e.g. build customer loyalty). Markaltis helps you define measurable and time-bound marketing objectives: an essential step to determine whether or not the expected results have been achieved.

Then our team begins a more tactical phase which consists of defining which actions to take to achieve the expected results. We detail and plan these actions and present the expenditure items that allow us to establish a provisional budget for the implementation of your marketing strategy.

Focused on its clients' results, Markaltis determines which monitoring tools to use to analyse the impact of the actions carried out and which indicators should be followed according to the objectives set. Indeed, there are many potential indicators: our marketing experts will tell you which ones make sense in relation to your strategy. Thanks to this dashboard, you will have a clear vision of the performance of your marketing actions.

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Entrust your strategic and operational marketing to Markaltis experts

To effectively meet the challenges of professionals in all sectors of activity, Markaltis provides dedicated support for their strategic and operational marketing issues. Whatever your field of activity, our marketing experts will recommend the online and offline levers that best meet your marketing objectives.

That's why every collaboration with Markaltis starts with an analysis of your company's ecosystem and your objectives. Do you need to strengthen the visibility and competitive position of your service company? Accelerate the development of sales on your e-commerce site? Improve awareness of a new product range? Depending on the strategic orientations defined by these objectives, the Markaltis experts recommend a global marketing strategy, a web acquisition strategy, a relationship marketing or loyalty plan...

By entrusting us with the development of your online and offline marketing plan, you benefit from our analysis, reflection and hindsight as an external specialist. This perspective is essential to establish an impartial view of your strengths and weaknesses.


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