Discover the different professions at Markaltis through the portraits of our employees.

Today, we are pleased to introduce you to the exciting job of Web Marketing Manager with the interview of Jingfang Zhan. An insight into the challenges and motivations he faces on a daily basis.

Can you describe yourself in 3 words?


# Dynamic
# Serious
# Organised

A worker must sharpen his tools if he wants to do his job well.

How would you describe your role in the agency as a web marketing manager?

I'm in charge of the agency's web department and I work with the marketing manager on all digital projects, whether they concern clients or the agency: website redesign, SEO (natural referencing), SEA (google ads and bing ads), management of email campaigns, management of social networks, etc. I assign projects to my two colleagues in the department and supervise all the missions.

What do you like most about your job?

The diversity of the assignments. Of course, the assignments are mainly in the digital field, but the subjects are very varied and require different knowledge and skills. For example, the management of Facebook Ads campaigns requires a good knowledge of the social network, but also graphic and editorial skills to prepare the ads and an analytical capacity to optimise the campaigns. While the redesign of a website requires other skills, especially in project management. This makes you very versatile. What's more, the technologies in the digital world are evolving so fast that you have to be constantly informed and evolve. Basically, you never get bored!

What is a typical day at work like and what projects are you currently working on?

In fact, there is no such thing as a typical working day, as the assignments are very varied. But there are things I do every day, like my morning tea, a relaxing lunch break and a little fruit break in the afternoon. As for work, it's more a question of what I have to do, and I organise myself to make sure that I meet the deadlines. At the moment, apart from recurring tasks such as managing the various campaigns, I'm working a lot on optimising the content of institutional sites and redesigning an e-commerce site.

What is your motto or philosophy?

Zen like a Chinese 🙂