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Segmented marketing: discover the potential of your customers

For diversified companies as well as for those marketing a single product, a customer base is never homogeneous. Indeed, within a customer portfolio, motivations, purchasing habits, needs for advice or assistance, expectations concerning commercial discounts are different... It is this diversity of expectations and behaviours that imposes customer segmentation and justifies the relevance of segmented marketing.

To understand your customers and take appropriate action, segmentation is essential. In this way, you can implement marketing actions that are more relevant and have a greater impact. Furthermore, it is known that segmentation can effectively contribute to the development of efficient predictive models

The RFM segmentation method is one of the most widely proven segmentations. It allows you to establish a grouping of your customers according to their buying habits. It allows you to determine the quality of the customer from a marketing point of view and thus to optimise your targeting strategy to obtain the best ROI. This method is based on three marketing segmentation criteria:


Date of last purchase or last contact. The closer this date is, the more responsive the customer is.


The frequency of purchases over a specified reference period. This period is usually annual and divided into quarters.


Sum of cumulative purchases over the reference period. For certain sectors of activity such as audiovisual or online media, this criterion can be replaced by the Duration (of reading, viewing, etc.)

The criteria to be used depend on the objectives pursued and serve as a basis for the development of customer segments (for example: inactive, cold, hot, active, etc.).

Our Segmented Marketing Solutions

Multi-criteria segmentation

What criteria and segments should be established to serve your company's development? Markaltis helps you implement a segmentation model adapted to your customer portfolio and to your company's development issues. To be effective, the segmentation model must live and be updated: we take care of updating your tool according to the analysis periods determined and the evolution of each segment.


Marketing targeting

Our team of experts analyses and interprets your customer segmentation to develop a targeting marketing strategy. This can mean, for example, identifying a target segment to prioritise, but also segments that may seem less attractive but which could nevertheless be profitable. This recommendation can be accompanied by proposals for marketing actions (media, messages, planning, etc.).

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Development of predictive models 

It is less well known that segmentation can be used to establish forecasting tools. By using the data from your customer portfolio in line with your objectives, Markaltis implements forecasting toolsWe use general indicators or build the best predictors and our interpretation capacity to establish predictive models with a low margin of error.

The benefits of segmentation

Factual and relevant, the multi-criteria segmentation model works on objective and observable criteria, available from your customer database. Used wisely, it offers several advantages to your company:

  • Identify priority target segments on which to focus your marketing efforts

  • Promote engagement with each segment through personalised messages and marketing actions

  • Get a better ROI from your marketing actions because they are better targeted

Entrust your marketing segmentation to Markaltis

Entrusting the segmentation of your databases to Markaltis means benefiting from our expertise in developing segments according to criteria that are truly relevant to your data and your objectives. It also means taking advantage of our ability to interpret the data, the behaviour of each segment, and to interpret them. This know-how is based on our experience of segmentation applied to many sectors of activity.

By outsourcing your segmented marketing to Markaltis, the use of your data is controlled, traceable and compliant with the legislation in force. Indeed, it is important to take into account that the use of user data is regulated by law. We are also careful to ensure that the actions resulting from your marketing and strategic segmentation comply with the regulations.

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