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Internet offers a great springboard to make your activity, your products or your services known. Therefore, setting up a digital strategy is essential for any company. By using the services of a digital strategy agency, there is no doubt that your services and products will stand out.

What are the main challenges of implementing a successful digital strategy?

  • Increase your visibility on the Internet: because 80% of consumers look for information on the Internet before buying.

  • Generate traffic: one of the major levers to improve your site's ranking on search engines.

  • Gain notoriety: knowing that 96% of Internet users take into account the e-reputation of the company when making a purchase.

  • Convert your prospects into leads, then into customers: by offering your prospects the possibility to learn about your brand, your products, but also customer reviews.

  • Increase your online sales: since 85% of Internet users make purchases online.

  • Optimize your ROI: a well executed digital marketing strategy should allow you to obtain a large return on investment which leads to a clear increase in sales

There's nothing like calling on a digital strategy consulting agency to reach your objectives and your target. Develop your web visibility thanks to all our digital experts and improve your acquisition and conversion rates with Markaltis!

Our know-how as a digital strategy agency

Audit & action plan

At Markaltis, we leave nothing to chance. First step, we perform a quick audit to optimize your digital strategy and make sure we reach your targets and convince them to take action. We analyze the following 4 points in particular:

- The visibility of your company on the Web: audit of the website, content, referencing, social networks ...

- The quality of your conversion tunnel: actions implemented to attract the Internet user and convert him into a lead, creation of buyers personas

- Your efficiency in converting a lead into a customer: know-how in analyzing the maturity and qualification of a lead or prospect

- Your ability to build customer loyalty: loyalty processes in place, customer satisfaction management.

Our digital audit will allow us to make a precise diagnosis of your actions and methods. These steps lead us to theelaboration of a concrete and planned digital marketing action plan. The digital audit is essential to develop an omnichannel digital strategy that meets the expectations of your customers, and allows you to achieve a significant ROI. Indeed, the action plan that we design for each of our customers will facilitate the transformation of your prospects into customers, and promote loyalty.


Creation, redesign and management of websites

You want to create a website or your existing website requires in-depth transformations? As a digital marketing agency, we offer services of redesign or creation of websites BtoC and BtoB with our technical partners

- Creation of your website: custom website, webdesign, UX, UI, natural and paid referencing.

- Redesign of your existing website: in-depth modification of your website.

- Visual and/or structural redesign

But your web project does not stop there, and neither do we. We also help you manage your corporate, storefront and e-commerce sites, and we provide you with our advice on digital strategy.

Our agency develops a real web strategy for your site and pays attention to all the elements that actively participate in the success of a site, such as the UX and UI.

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Traffic acquisition

Companies are looking for the best strategies to acquire traffic. The challenge: attract new prospects to convert them into customers and then into ambassadors. The levers to acquire new customers are numerous, but from a digital point of view they are essentially based on :

- The ability to generate qualified traffic on your website through an effective SEO/SEA strategy, an active presence on social networks

- Content marketing with the creation of optimized content, bringing real added value to your site

- The implementation of online advertising campaigns (Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Bing Ads)

- The deployment of an affiliation campaign, with the participation of a network of affiliates to promote the company's offers.

- Efficient measurement of your web marketing campaigns with Google Analytics: web analysis (analysis, KPI tracking, regular reporting and action plan)

Entrusting your traffic acquisition to Markaltis means benefiting from the support of web marketing experts, both in the implementation of operational actions and in the follow-up and analysis of results. The best way to control the efficiency and budget of your digital strategy, and to ensure the R.O.I.

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Customer loyalty

Much less costly and very profitable (since a loyal customer can encourage up to 5 contacts to become customers), customer loyalty essentially involves developing personalized communication with the customer via :

- An accurate analysis of your customer database to better understand the structure of your customers

- Theorganization of emailing oremail automation campaigns according to a predefined customer segmentation

- The management and animation of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn...).

These actions allow you to strengthen the bond with your customers, providing them with a personalized experience that increasesengagement and re-purchase.

This loyalty marketing strategy is then regularly monitored, allowing us to ensure its effectiveness and to make adjustments as soon as necessary. 

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Why work with Markaltis?

As a digital expert, Markaltis works with you to develop a customized digital strategy for your company. To use the services of our digital strategy agency is to make the choice :

  • a committed multi-specialist team, which brings you its technical, strategic and communication skills
  • experienced providers who base their recommendations on their expertise and data analysis
  • professionals who are demanding with themselves for their clients, always aiming for excellence
  • but also, quite simply, a digital marketing consulting agency that is an expert in its field and knows the market perfectly.

To fully satisfy you, we also want to offer you daily support. For each project, we provide you with a retro-planning, an action plan with figures and optimized return on investment.

Our motivation is to help you reach your goals and maximize your ROI. As an e-commerce consulting agency, we love to take on challenges and help you meet your challenges.


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