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Achieve your goals with the right marketing strategy

Are you marketing products or services and looking to increase your visibility to potential customers? Are you launching your business and want to make yourself known? Are you planning to put your e-commerce site online and want to create qualified traffic to it?
Increase your visibility, the impact of your campaigns and your return on investment, by relying on a marketing strategy designed to serve your company's objectives!

With the right marketing strategy, speak to your prospects with compelling and memorable messages. You will communicate on the channel that will have the most impact and at the right time to capture attention.

Your issue may be a one-off event such as a new product launch or a promotional campaign, or it may be the development of an annual marketing strategy to bring your brand universe to life and maintain the relationship with your customers and prospects. In both cases, professionalizing your marketing approach will allow you to obtain a better profitability of your actions while creating value for your brand.

Our strategic and operational marketing solutions

Acquisition & Prospecting

Accelerate your business development with targeted and effective prospecting campaigns that will enable you to acquire new customers. Whether it's about creating qualified traffic on your website, building a file of prospects to approach or implementing marketing actions, Markaltis will help you conquer new online and offline market shares:

  •  Audit of the existing situation: assessment of the actions already implemented, analysis of your market and your target;
  • Strategic recommendation: proposal of actions, preferred media and messages adapted to your target;
  • Acquisition and prospecting actions: implementation of online and offline campaigns, lead acquisition strategy.
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Strengthen the link with your current customers, offer them a personalized experience and increase your return on investment by relying on a winning loyalty strategy! Thanks to its Data Marketing expertise, Markaltis imagines and implements effective, truly personalized and comprehensive loyalty strategies. By analysing your customers' needs, we determine on which medium, with which message and at what time to communicate to have an impact on your targets and encourage re-purchases. 

Markaltis takes advantage of loyalty marketing techniques to create actions that increase the engagement and re-purchase of your current customers, create value for your company's image and generate measurable results over the long term. Find out how the trigger marketing campaigns we implemented for one of our clients boosted their sales.

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Strategic and operational marketing

Targeting, segmentation, positioning: our experts analyze your environment to establish a strategic and operational marketing plan that will allow you to take advantage of the opportunities in your market. Digital strategy or print marketingWhether it's a digital or print marketing strategy, reach your goals with an omnichannel marketing strategy designed to meet your customers' expectations.

Our team translates this strategic direction into a plan of concrete actions designed to meet the defined objectives, in the short and medium term. These actions are proposed according to your objectives in order to optimise marketing expenditure.

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Marketing strategy: our approach and your benefits

An essential approach to developing a marketing plan that is consistent with your challenges, the marketing strategy sets an overall direction and the marketing objectives to be achieved by the company or for a particular product line. This is why your collaboration with Markaltis begins with the discovery of your values, products or services, targets, previous marketing actions...

Then, our team translates this strategic orientation into a plan of concrete marketing actions intended to fulfill the defined objectives, in the short and medium term. These actions are proposed according to your objectives in order to optimize marketing expenses.

Discover the benefits you can get from a personalized support from an expert marketing strategy agency like Markaltis:

Identify potential customers

through market research and audits of your brand and services/products

Improve your visibility

with marketing actions that meet your challenges and are strategically defined to reach the right people

Increase customer value

through personalized offers and an effective loyalty strategy

Improve the ROI of your marketing campaigns

by identifying the right levers and sending the right message at the right time to the right person


Entrust your marketing strategy to an expert agency

By entrusting the development of your marketing strategy to Markaltis, you benefit from the external and informed view of an expert marketing agency. Projecting a professional image, attracting new customers or leveraging your current portfolio by focusing on loyalty: depending on your objectives, we develop a tailor-made marketing strategy and action plan. To boost your results, we can assist you in the following areas

marketing strategy

Knowing your target audience so you can talk to them

Beyond the socio-demographic criteria that can be useful in defining who your potential customers are, it is important to understand their uses and expectations. Based on the mastery of the uses according to the profiles, our marketing agency recommends an effective marketing strategy.

Communicate on channels that will have an impact

From one tool to another, a campaign does not reach the same profiles of people and does not serve the same objectives. Depending on your objectives (raising awareness of a product, increasing sales, creating traffic, etc.), our experts determine which channels to use to obtain the best results.

Choosing the right timing to attract attention

Today's consumers are constantly on the go: how can you get the best out of them and capture their attention? By strategically planning your campaigns to communicate at the right time!

Establish a controlled budget forecast

From the printing of a mailing to the purchase of advertising space, via the deployment of a digital campaign: our specialists master the budgets corresponding to the various marketing levers. Depending on your budget, they recommend coherent actions with the best possible ROI.


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