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Print management, an effective approach to achieve your objectives

Although digital uses have developed considerably in recent years and have changed marketing practices, printing documents has not lost its relevance in the context of the commercial representation of your company (brochure, poster, booklet, etc.) or your direct marketing efforts (mailing, catalogue, etc.).

An effective print management approach addresses several issues:

  • Optimise yourprinting costs by selecting competitive service providers and optimising orders (volume, media characteristics, etc.).
  • Working with reliable service providers who meet deadlines and deliver quality printed matter that meets your needs.
  • Define the relevant characteristics for your medium according to your needs (format, weight, finishing, etc.)

This service, often entrusted to an external specialist, covers the entire printing and routing chain. The characteristics of the document, the type of printing, the choice of envelope according to the inserting technique (mechanised, hand-written, etc.), the volume of the order according to the degressive rate, the storage and routing of the printed matter: a direct mail campaign or the addressing of an entire box can quickly prove to be complex.

Entrusting your print management to a specialized print communication agency means benefiting from the expert eye of a specialist who masters these issues and saves your team precious time while optimizing your printing costs.

Our solutions for your printing and routing projects

Design of the graphic chain

Entrust your work to professionals in the graphics chain: sourcing suppliers, planning files, producing proofs and BARs, monitoring deliveries and quality control, etc.

As specialists in the field of printed documents and direct mail, our print management project managers have mastered the chain of print production and its constraints and will help you benefit from our expertise to carry out your projects.


Cost optimisation

Control your costs and budgets by accessing our portfolio of suppliers: carrying out calls for tender, amalgamated printing for several customers, price negotiations...

Our goal is to optimize your costs related to the manufacturing, delivery, storage or routing of your print documents. We will help you select the right service provider and negotiate the best offer to reach your objectives and increase your ROI.


Technical audit

Optimising your printing for a quality result: technical audit, optimisation recommendations, technological watch in printing and personalisation, etc.

Pecause regulations and techniques for graphic design and manufacturing are constantly evolving, our print management experts are able to provide you with in-depth technical studies and advice to optimize your print projects.

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Markaltis takes care of your print management from A to Z

As a marketing expert, Markaltis is the only agency to which you can entrust your global print management approach : from the printing of your media to their routing to your prospects and customers.

Here's how we save your team time and reduce your printing budgets:

Print management support Acticia

Strategic advice

Depending on your needs, our experts will recommend the appropriate characteristics and provide you with comprehensive support in your printing and mailing process. Markaltis' expertise means recommending the weight that will allow your mail to remain within a certain postage rate, the mechanisable envelope that will save you from having to pay for an expensive hand-wrapping service, or the volume of printed matter that will offer an advantageous degressive rate.

Supplier relationship management

We select service providers according to their skills, their machinery and the associated printing and finishing techniques, their quality/price ratio and their reliability, in order to guarantee you quality printed matter, corresponding to the desired characteristics, delivered on time.

Supplier negotiation

Depending on the type of product or service (e.g. routing), we prepare print combinations, study the offers of service providers and negotiate to obtain the best value for money offer.

Project monitoring

We guarantee compliance with the deadlines and budgets allocated to the printing of your media. Monitoring of the schedule, reminders to service providers, quality control: Markaltis ensures that the production and routing chain Markaltis ensures that the production of your printed material runs smoothly and under control.


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